Frequently Asked Question

General Overview

What types of products / services are offered?

Currently Argen Digital by Skillbond offers Non-Precious & Precious substructures, Zirconia frameworks & full contour crowns and wax coping and bridges up to 14 units.

How does the service work?

A fully designed restoration is sent via Argen Digital by Skillbond’s custom file transfer portal. Argen Digital by Skillbond builds the parts and ships them the following working day*. It’s that simple.

What is the turnaround time?
How can I find out more information?

Contact the Argen Digital by Skillbond Centre at 01494 448474 or via email at digital@skillbond.com

Laser Melting – FAQs

What is laser melting?

Laser melting is a process that builds up metal substructures layer-by-layer. The end result is a coping or bridge with the same characteristics as a cast unit.

What types of structures are available?

As long as the file is designed properly and to the specified parameters, almost anything can be built.

What materials are used to make these units?

Non-Precious metal (Argeloy NP Prime) and Precious metal (Maxibond 3)

What file types are accepted?

Any STL file from an 'open' scanner

What scanners work with the service?

Any 'open' scanner.

What design services are offered by Argen Digital by Skillbond?

Argen Digital by Skillbond performs a quality check on each file to ensure compliance to production standards. If a file deviates from these guidelines, the file is sent back to the customer with an explanation of the discovered concern(s). Argen Digital by Skillbond does not offer coping or bridge design services at this time.

Are the units completely dense?

Yes. Their density is equivalent to cast units.

What additional equipment is required?

A digital scanner is all that is required to send Argen Digital by Skillbond files for production.

How can I find out more information?

Contact the Argen Digital by Skillbond Centre at 01494 448474 or via email at digital@skillbond.com

Technical – FAQs

What porcelains are the Laser Melted materials compatible with?

Argeloy NP Prime has a CTE of 14.5 @ 600°C and Maxibond 3 has a CTE of 14.0 @ 600°C

What tools are recommended for finishing the Laser Melted units?

Argen Digital by Skillbond recommends Fine Cross-Cut carbide burs or a white heatless stone for finishing.

How much additional work is required once the unfinished Laser Melted units you are sent back?

Typical guidance is 3-4 minutes of labour per unit, in order to thin the margins and finish the axial walls and occlusal surface.

What is the degas cycle for the Laser Melted units?

Please see the specification pdf's under the 'Support' button for Argeloy NP Prime and Maxibond 3

What is the maximum unit span for a Laser Melted bridge?

Bridges are only produced from the NP material and the fit is guaranteed on substructures up to 4-units. Contact us for guidance on longer-span bridges.

For Laser Melted units, can I build up for support, and use lingual collars?